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Jay Holstine

$1,000 Jay Holstine Scholarship

About Scholarship:

Jay Holstine Scholarship, we believe in supporting students that are keen to learn, enthusiastic and dedicated to improving themselves. By investing in students’ educations, we’re investing in bettering the society. We live by the philosophy of building the people that build the organization that change the world.

We designed this scholarship to help students pay for USA based college/university and it can be used to pay for tuition or any related fees. The prize is $1,000.

Eligibility Requirements:

Any actively enrolled college and university students, excellent academic record holder and an essay on given topic.

Essay Requirements:

The Jay Holstine educational scholarship would like to assist with the finances of a dedicated student in Sciences, Technology Engineering, or Mathematics.  Interested applicants need to submit an 800-word summary of their goals with this education, along with their particular major, and economic adversity they may be facing, or have overcome.”.  

(n.b: Any plagiarism or fabrication will disqualify the applicant from award disbursement).


 January 21st, 2023


 February 5th, 2023

Award Date:

 February 10th, 2023