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6 Ways to Deal with a Hostile Manager by Jay Holstine

Hostile Manager

Most of us have been in a place where we have had to deal with a really difficult manager. They are hard to communicate with, they are hard to understand, and they are hard to work with. But remember that in the world of work, you will come across all different types of people, and you have to try and work your way through each one of them. In this guide, Jay Holstine takes you through a few ways to deal with a hostile manager

How to Deal with a Hostile Manager by Jay Holstine

Here are a few tips for dealing with a hostile manager.

Try to Give Your Best Performance 

When you perform really well, there is very little that your manager can say to you. When they see that you are working up to the expectations that they are laid ahead of you, the chances of them then being hostile toward you will be much lower. Remember that when you deliver high-quality work, people at the workplace will already hold you in much higher regard. 

Make a Connection 

Try to form a connection with the manager on a more personal level. This helps them view you as more than just a team member or an employee. Maybe you could find a topic that interests you both and talk about it, or you could come to common ground about something. Try to have something to talk about with them outside of work, too, says Jay Holstine. 

Set Boundaries 

Your boss should know that there are certain boundaries that they cannot cross. You have to be the one to set those boundaries. They should know how much work you can take and that overburdening you with more than you can do will only lead you to becoming stressed out and not being able to perform as expected of you. 

Identify Triggers 

As someone who works under the boss, you must try to know them better. Try to know what triggers them to act in an unpleasant way. Identify what angers them the most and try to stay as far away as you can from that. Remember that to establish a peaceful work environment, this is most necessary, says Jay Holstine. 

Find Support 

It is important to have someone who you can discuss things with. It helps you feel better and also helps you have a sound idea of what options you have. This can be anyone you trust as a friend at work or even someone outside of the workplace who you think can give you the best advice. 

Offer Help 

If you think your boss is overworked, maybe you could offer to help them. Not only does that help you form a connection with them, but it also helps you get to know them better. 

Final Words by Jay Holstine 

With these actionable tips on dealing with an aggressive manager, you can most definitely try to make the workplace better for yourself. Jay Holstine says you must try to form a connection with the manager so that it becomes easier for you to interact with them regularly. 

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