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How Young Companies Can Sign Major Clients By Jay Holstine

Signing Major Clients

As the president of a small, young company, you may feel that your business is too inexperienced to land major clients. But with the right strategy and some creative thinking, you can absolutely set your sights high and succeed in signing big names. Here are a few tips by Jay Holstine on how to make it happen.

Jay Holstine on How Young Companies Can Sign Major Clients

1. Set realistic expectations: It’s important, as per Jay Holstine, for young companies to set realistic expectations when it comes to signing major clients. It’s unlikely that a company just starting out will be able to secure contracts from large, established organizations overnight. Instead, focus on building credibility over time and demonstrating the value of your product or service in order to attract larger businesses.

2. Network: Networking is one of the best ways for a young company to gain access to potential clients and establish relationships with key players in the industry. Attend conferences, trade shows, and other events related to your industry where you can meet potential customers or partners in person or online through networking websites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Building relationships with influencers in the industry can also help your company get the word out about its products or services.

3. Demonstrate Value: Demonstrating the value of your product or service is key to signing major clients. Provide potential customers with examples of how your offering can improve their business and make their lives easier. Offer a few free trial runs, demos, or previews so they can see for themselves how your product works before signing on the dotted line.

4. Have a Good Pitch: It’s important to have a good pitch when attempting to sign major clients. Prepare a presentation that quickly explains what sets you apart from other companies in terms of quality, customer service, and cost savings, then practice it until you feel confident enough to deliver it in the most professional manner possible. Remember to focus on why your company is the best choice for the project and how you can help the client achieve their goals.

5. Negotiate: Negotiation is critical when signing major clients, as it’s important to ensure that both parties are happy with the terms of the agreement before signing a contract. Be willing to compromise and give concessions where necessary, but also be open to negotiating other areas such as pricing or delivery times. Try to keep negotiations cordial and respectful in order to maintain a positive relationship going forward.

6. Follow-Up: Following up with potential clients after an initial meeting or pitch is essential, as per Jay Holstine if you want to secure their business. Send friendly reminders and updates about your company, product, or services. This will help to keep you on top of your mind and could also lead to additional opportunities down the line.

Jay Holstine’s Concluding Thoughts

By following these tips by Jay Holstine, young companies can increase their chances of signing major clients and setting themselves up for long-term success. Taking the time to build relationships, demonstrate value and negotiate fair terms can make all the difference in securing lucrative contracts and helping a business grow.